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Fall Issue 2013


J. Graham Publishing

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Now accepting fully edited poetry
manuscripts for late fall / winter publication.

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    Fall Poets  

Boghos L. Artinian - Beirut     Linda M. Crate - Pennsylvania
      Homo Oboediens


       Bathing with dead flowers



       Broken prayer
B.Z. Niditch - Brookline, Mass


        Cutting Out


        Only The Waves     Marc Carver - London UK          
          Shop Talk

 Dawnell Harrison - USA

           To Days To Come

      The Decision

    Col Muhammad Khalid Khan Retd

          - Abbottabad Pakistan   


Doug Elson - Chapleau ON   


        Death in The Heat

    Natalie Itzhaki - Israel

        Love Makes You Feel Alone

            Listened to all you didn’t tell me.
        Storms and Love  
    Rafael Ayala Paez - Guárico State
 Jason Constantine Ford - Australia             Each Time You Leave
        A Confused Mind              Meditation in Winter
        A Return of Painful Years             This is the House
        Dream World    
    Sam Silva - Fayetteville N.C.
J.Graham Ducker, Oshawa ON               A Magic Like Mary
         Pondering the Frog  
         The Day The Chair Stopped Rocking  

   Short Story - Summer & Fall


   Featured Fiction Story    
B.Z. Niditch - Brookline, Mass

 'Jay Kidd'    

J. Graham Ducker

Paperback $15.95    
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J. Graham Ducker

Paperback $15.95    
More info on website

Have you  ever wondered why 
pigs have curly tails?

A delightful story to discover one theory.

Featured Poetry Chapbook
Published by J. Graham Publishing

Wency Rosales first chapbook SOLD OUT!

3rd Printing
Shade of My Feelings

'There Are Times'   mp3
 by Poet, Wency Rosales

English & Spanish Translations by Wency Rosales
Wency Rosales Holguin Cuba

Canada Cuba Literary Alliance 
Check out why there were there and
what they were up to. New photos 2010

Report from Cuba by Wency Rosales 

Here's a great opportunity to become involved in a literary venture!

by being a part of the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance.   Membership
 offers you many opportunities to be published and also receive
The Ambassador - our literary journal and The Envoy - our newsletter.

The Canadian Literature Library Initiative
The Canada Cuba Literary Alliance 
is proud to contribute Canadian published books by Canadian authors to libraries in Cuba
Would you like to be a part of this initiative?   For Info or Contact:  CCLA Help

Send us your feedback: 

           I am glad that the journal makes great reading (whenever one needs to ease the stress)
Thank you for keeping it running. Ann Turinayo Uganda

            I like what I've been reading in the Stellar Showcase. I particularly like the poem by Wency Rosales, and I'm inclined to go looking for his book. I found his simple and direct voice there not unlike that of one of his countrymen, Jose Marti, in his personal poems.
          I also found Arun Gaur's poems quite interesting. I appreciate the fact that SSJ broadens its range and draws in poets from around the world.
           I'll keep reading SSJ in any case. You are doing a good job here; this site has a tremendous amount of things going on, and links. I'm going to have to spend more time here.
George Moore, U.S.A.

          Just wanted you to know I got my poetry magazines.  I thought they were well done and  I wanted to thank you so much not only for the 3 poems published but the promo of my
  chapbook and poetry book-looked wonderful
.  You have such a commitment to the arts -
  it's touching.   Michael Lee Johnson U.S.A.
       I write to express my appreciation for the journal. The last time I wrote some poems that were published, I was a lecturer. As of now, I have moved on to become a technical writer, something I find exciting. One of the things I put in my resume was that I wrote for your journal, can you imagine?
        Thanks for the good work indeed. I shall be submitting some more poems soon, but for now, I just wanted to say, thanks.  With warm regards,
Ann Turinayo, Kampala.


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